Question Everything

Question Everything
Question Everything

This was a design/artwork that is developed from 16 bit binary and is very personal to me. I still intend to get this as a shoulder/upper arm tattoo.

When interprated it reveals my philosophy in life, ‘Question Everything’.

The cubes represent the love i have of geometry and natural order. The non obvious layout of the design represents chaos. The colour scheme is representative of my love of art and design. The CMYK print process combination also aesthetically looks great.

To convert the art back into binary(ones and zero’s)  you need to read from top to bottom, left to right. Each cube represents four ones or zeros. A small cube is a zero, then filled left section is a one, blank top is a zero and right filled is anther one. It takes two cubes to represent one letter. 01010001 (top 2 cubes = Q).

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