Spiderman Pantone Swatch art

spiderrman pantone

Spiderman painstakingly created from 1,156 Adobe Illustrator Pantone swatches. A fairly embarrasing ommision from my previous Pantone comic post. (link)  (Oops!)Please leave a comment with any other pantone arts you’d like me to create… or repost/pass this on.

Each pantone swatch is the average colour of that particular region of the image. The overall image is only comprehensible from a distance, up close, it is just a series of block colour swatches.

If you like this keep an eye on my web store mono wave art. I will soon be adding framed art pantone prints (Maybe even the ability to personalise them). Right now you can buy beautiful soundwave art prints of your own recordings or your favourite song. Great wedding gift…  personalised sound wave art of the ‘fist dance song’ will earn you a massive amount of kudos points. 🙂

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