San Francisco XL

More photos from my trip to USA in 2016. The 40 (XL in roman numerals) photos were taken in San Francisco.

Due to our tight schedule… and a bit of a nightmare with the hire car at the airport , we only had 24 hours in this amazing city. For a city with so much to see and do, this was nowhere near enough time to fully appreciate it.

Enjoy the pics.


Iggy Pop Sound Wave Art

Iggy Pop - The Passenger skull ring.jpg
A few years ago, I was encouraged to try my hand at a bit of surfing. The idea of getting into the icy waters of the North Sea, made my more than hesitant. Tynemouth was the venue.

After struggling to get into a misfitting borrowed wet-suit, I tentatively entered the water with a battered, old board.

It was a beautiful summer evening but the water was far from warm. After my paddle out, I rapidly warmed up. Surprisingly, wet-suits keep you really warm – Phew!
I spent the next couple of hours surfing in on waves after they had broken… It was awesome…. The surf seed had been sown.

Not long after, I purchased a wet-suit and began scouring the web for my own surf board. I lucked out, and found someone selling an 8ft 6 mini mal, not far from me. I got in touch, negotiated a deal, and was soon the owner of a beautiful red and black custom made board.

As I drove my pride and joy home, I turned on the radio, only to be treated to Iggy Pop singing Passenger. My board was immediately named Iggy as a result… Perfect.
My Iggy Pop Sound Wave Art was inspired by this awesome track, and by his amazing album ‘Skull Ring’. Although Passenger is not on that album, it is still infinitely awesome.

Personalised Sound Wave art can be commissioned at my art site

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The Stone Roses – Made Of Stone Sound Wave Art

The Stone Roses Made of Stone on wall
The Stone Roses Made of Stone Sound Wave Art

The Stone Roses are one of the greatest bands out of Manchester ever. As a teenager I just loved the whole Indie, Madchester sound. My cassette of The Stone Roses was probably the music most played album shoved into my ‘off brand’ (phony) walkman.

Pretty much all of the tracks from their self titled first album,  still stand the test of time. A modern masterpiece (If you can call 1989 modern). The combination of John Squire’s guitars, Mani’s bass, Reni’s drums and of course Ian Brown’s vocals were perfect.

The first time around, I was a little too young and naive to catch them when they played at Whitley Bay Ice Rink. I did however finally get to see them in one of their homecoming shows, at Heaton Park Manchester. 80,000 people in a field (in the rain), to see one of the greatest bands ever assembled was an experience I will never want to forget.

My Sound Wave Art based on Made of Stone, uses the iconic lemon as a main focus, with the waveform hugging the rind. Of course the original lemon is a little more grimey with it’s harsh black overlay. I wanted a more subtle cleaner, up to date look so kept the colour palette a little fresher.

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Oregon XL

Another set of photos from my trip to USA in 2016. The 40 (XL in roman numerals) photos were taken in and around Oregon. I only feel I scratched the surface of this massive, beautiful State.
Personal Oregon highlights were definitely visiting Mount Hood ( and the hotel where they filmed the exterior shots of the Overlook Hotel in ‘The Shining’) and Cannon Beach (and the rocks from the end of The Goonies).
The evening we visited Canon Beach was slightly misty and a little overcast, but this just added to the atmosphere. Haystack rock and it’s other rock friends were breathtaking. I’d like to think that I will be back there some time.

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Underworld – Born Slippy Trainspotting Sound Wave Art

I recently went to see the sequel to one of my all time favourite films, Trainspotting. Not as good as the original but it’s still worth a watch.

Trainspotting was based on the novel by the amazing Scottish author, Irvine Welsh. When I read Trainspotting way back in 1995 I was instantly a fan of his style. I honestly thought a movie could not do justice to the book. Fortunately it was directed by arguably the best director of recent years, Danny Boyle. The movie… and it’s sound track are still iconic over 20 years later (Damn, that makes me feel old).

I could have chosen so many amazing songs from the soundtrack as a tribute… but in the end it just had to be Born Slippy by Underworld. One of the greatest, booming dance tracks ever.

Underworld – Born Slippy

Personalised Sound Wave art can be commissioned at my art site

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Las Vegas XL – Part 1

NY? Vegas?

In July 2016 I had a bit of a whirlwind jaunt over to the U S of A.
Our trip started with a couple of day’s in Portland, Oregon… then to Las Vegas… another flight to San Francisco. From San Fran we took route 101 up the west coast back to Oregon.
During the trip I took wayyyy too many photos.

I have tried to split the photos into sets of 40 (XL in roman numerals) as I did have the joy of turning 40 while in Vegas.  This set of photos were taken on day one of two in Vegas.
Las Vegas XL – Part 2, San Francisco XL, Portland XL and Route 101 XL sets will follow at some point. Enjoy 🙂

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The Beach Boys – God Only Knows Sound Wave Art

Pet Sounds was the eleventh studio album by The Beach Boys. The album is crammed full of classics, even so, one track stands out head and shoulders above the rest… God Only Knows.
For it’s time in 1966, the production of this track is amazing. Some songs age over time, God Only Know’s just keeps getting better.

Please enjoy my Sound Wave Art inspired by the song. Although not a style available on my shop site yet, please get in touch if you’d like a personalised song created in this original style.

The Beach Boys – God Only Knows Sound Wave Art framed

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The Beach Boys – God Only Knows Title
The Beach Boys – God Only Knows Detail


David Bowie Blackstar Sound Wave Art

David Bowie was arguably one of the most influential artists of the last fifty years. As a musician, he never settled on a style and was always willing to experiment. He faced so much criticism for his range of styles, but mostly what he did was way ahead of his time.

When he passed away in 2016 it was one of of the greatest losses of musical talent I have seen in my life time. In an age of instant fame and reality TV stars, we will never likely see his kind again.

My Blackstar art is a tribute to Bowie and his titular track from his final amazing album.

David Bowie – Blackstar Sound Wave Art
Bowie Blackstar - Bottom
Bowie Blackstar – Bottom
Bowie Dark Star Close Up
Bowie Blackstar Close Up
Bowie Blackstar Sound Wave Art
Bowie Dark Star Art Close Up
Bowie Blackstar Close Up






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Radial Sound Wave Art – Stairway To Heaven

Some Friday Waveform fun to kick off the weekend. Radial Sound Wave art created from Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven.
Every Sound Wave is Unique, Every song has it’s own individual signature waveform.

Radial wave was created initially in Adobe Photoshop and as I required clean, crisp lines it was finalised in Illustrator.

This style is not available on my shop website ‘yet’ but if you’d like me to create an art print of a particular song just get in touch. It could be the perfect personalised gift for someone special.

Custom Sound Wave art can be commissioned at my art site
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radial sound wave framed
Led Zeppelin Radial Wave Art Print
radial sound wave full
Full Led Zeppelin Print
raw led zepelin stairway to heaven
Raw Sound Wave – Each Row = 2 minutes
radial sound wave close 2
Radial Wave Detail


radial sound wave close
Title Close Up Detail