alex patterson
alex patterson aka frigopie76

My name is Alex Patterson AKA frigopie76.  I’m a design geek, creative type.  fascinated by all things beautiful. There is inspiration and aesthetic beauty everywhere if you open yourself up to it. I believe it is important to live my life with a curious and open mind.

In art and design i tend to veer towards contrasts. Light and dark, rough and smooth, good and evil. It is a conflict I have within myself too. I love the order and exactness of mathematics, science and geometry but in the same respect I appreciate chaos, deterioration and disorder.

My ethos in life is to ‘Question Everything’. – Never believe anything at face value, question the motifs of others and never be a ‘yes man’. Look at the facts, and make your own opinions and don’t be a consumerist zombie. Also, never take things too seriously… Life is meant to be enjoyed.

Have my own legs(1x left and 1x right); 2 fully functioning arms complete with hands and at least 10 bendable fingers; 1x head with original natural hair and all the usual holes and features, including working eyes, mouth, nose and ears.
Overall, generally in good working order, but could maybe do with more regular servicing.

Massively influenced by music, films, games etc.  Not  just mainstream. Amazing music and films are made all over the world.

Another big influence to me is surfing, of the non internet variety. Absolutely Love it! Just wish the waves were more consistent at my local beaches, Blyth and Tynemouth. Surfing is such a contrast in itself. There is the raw power of the waves crashing against the shore and the calm tranquility out beyond the breaking waves.

Please check out a few examples of my art, design and photography by looking through my blog or visit my shop at monowaveart,co.uk

If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

One thought on “About

  1. Thanks for popping by Hoomahmoos and liking a post. I love your Doctor Who minimalist art. I’m just counting my pennies for what I can afford. Love your work.


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