Star Wars Fuzzy Felt Art | Personalised Art

Personalised Fuzzy Felt Style Star Wars Name Art… Exclusive custom art work.

Fuzzy felt is a childs fabric toy created in the 1950’s… and has remained popular ever since. Fuzzy Felt toys consisted of flocked boards onto which felt shapes could be placed to create simple artwork.

Now you can have personalised name art of your favourite Star Wars character. Minimalist designs available of Grogu (Baby Yoda to you and me) and Mando from ‘The Mandalorian‘ … as well as Darth Vader, Storm Trooper, R2D2, Boba Fett and Chewbacca from the original Star Wars trilogy.

Any name can be added which makes them perfect for any young Jedi or Sith lord.

Only available from Mono Wave Art, each artwork is available as an art print, canvas or as a premium acrylic. May the force be with you… always.

Personalised Fuzzy Felt Star Wars Art can be ordered at my art site

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Family Word Art | Family Art Gifts

Unique ,personalised Family Word Art is a great way to celebrate your family. Exclusive to Mono Wave Art, each artwork is available as an art print, canvas or as a premium acrylic.

Many styles to choose from, but here are just a few… Artwork can be proofed by email on request.

Asteroids Birthday Art – Each family member (Or important date) is displayed as a three letter initial, and the score is actually a special date or birthday. Never forget an important date again.

Family Book Art – A cute, traditional book style with all family members (and pets)

Never Mind The Family Art – One for the more outragious punk families out there.

Personalised Family Word Art can be ordered at my art site

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Football Word Art | Gift Idea

Personalised Football Name Art

Amazing personalised name art based on all major football clubs. You can order your personalised football name art based on any UK Club, European Club or International Team.

Each artwork can be created with any letter or number and any name… there are also different styles to choose for the background (Turf, Wood Panel, Team colours etc).

These are the perfect personalised art gift for any football fan … or even better to put up in a kids room or nursery for a future supporter of the team of your choice.

Take a look at all the other teams I have created at the following links:
– UK Clubs
– European Clubs
– International Teams

If you want a Football Name Art created for a different team, or a particular retro kit, I’m sure I can sort something out for you… Just ask ūüôā

Personalised Football Word Art of any team can be ordered at my art site

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Sound Wave Art From Music

Every song has it’s own unique waveform.
My music art prints can be created from any song that means something to you. Ideal as a wedding gift (If you know what the first dance is going to be), great as an anniversary present (Every couple has an ‘our’ song) or even if you just want to add something original to your walls.

Custom sound wave art prints can be ordered at
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Mario Dies Soundwave Art

mario dies soundwave art
mario dies soundwave art

The sound of mario meeting his demise is possibly one of the most frustrating yet well known sounds in gaming history. Anyone who has played¬†a mario game will¬†have heard this sound more times than will ever likely admit to. I’ve played many of¬†the early mario games and¬†love that little¬†chubby plumber. Just a shame¬†the princess was always in another damn castle.

I love the way this soundwave turned out. It actually looks like it sounds so much. The sounwave used is from the NES version of Super Mario Bros. To me this is still the best mario game ever made. Simple, adictive and to this day has amazing sound effects and music.

Check out pacman dies soundwave art at

You can buy Mario dies artwork and many more as a print on canvas, acrylic, desk block or framed at my web store You can choose any colour you like to suit your taste.

I can also create¬†art from your¬†own voice,¬†favourite song, dog barking….. well, anything really. If you want any more info, just¬†send me an email at ¬†

pacman dies soundwave art

pacman dies soundwave art
pacman dies soundwave art

Any self respecting nerd, geek, hipster or regular throw back from the 80’s will love my¬†geek range¬†of soundwave art. Soundwaves from pacman are used to create a cool abstract art print. (Also available, sound art from mario, lotr, starwars, street fighter,¬†thundercats, songs¬†or anything else you want)

I can create and sell thesat

Check it out! I have loads more soundwave related art. Mario dies soundwave art at

I¬†will even create soundwave art from your own audio files or from your favourite songs. Just think how cool it’d be to give your loved one a unique abstract artwork declaring your love. No one need know your soppy side but it will look amazing in any modern home.

Drop me an email and i’ll give you a code and¬†quote pacmans¬†‘bloop bloop!’¬†to get a code for¬†15% off your order. (I’m nice like that cos i like you. ūüôā )