mono wave art


monowaveart soundwave art
monowaveart soundwave art

THE CONCEPT – YOUR OWN special sounds immortalised as art.

HOW IT WORKS – Any audio or sound can be created into unique beautiful art. You commission your art by choosing colours and text to make it completely personal to you.

PERSONAL SOUNDWAVES – Any sound that is special or means something personal to you can be converted into art. Each piece makes the perfect gift or decoration and will be sure to be an amazing conversation starter.

IDEAS – Say, ‘I love you’, wedding vows, first dance song, ‘our’ song, favourite quote, film soundtrack, game sound, dog barking, horse whinney, cats miaow, happy birthday, anniversary gift (for paper, choose a print, for cotton go for a canvas.), sound of surf, car engine starting….. the possibilities are endless.

Every sound you hear has its own distinct wavelength and frequency. As unique an identifier as a fingerprint.  When recorded and converted into visual waves, an original piece of personalized artwork can be created.
The process is not automated, each and every piece of art is analysed, cleaned up and constructed by myself, mono wave artist Alex Patterson.
To commision your personal soundwave art, just select your options to create a detailed design brief. When payment and design brief are recieved you will be sent a confirmation email. Reply, and attach your audio file or follow the link to our audio upload page. Also, if you have any special requirements, just ask.
Your art will be created to your specifications and emailed to you for approval.
Once the design is agreed your final art print will be created, packaged and sent by secure courier and be with you within five working days.

Any questions, please email me at


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