Valentine Heart Song Sound Wave Art – Personalised Valentine Gift

Valentine Sketch Heart Art created from your favourite song. The gift of love… and music.

All songs look stunning as a Heart Sketch Sound Wave. Every couple has that one song that sums up how their special relationship. This can now be created as amazing valentine heart art as a keepsake forever.

The pefect Valentine Gift … or change the message to suit any loving occasion.

The sketch circle is modern, free and unrestrained. within this circle you can have any colour, or a watercolour effect. If you choosewater colour a colour will be chosen, which can be changed after proofing. The heart and background can also be in the colours of your choice.
On the heart, your song and artist are shown in a dymo ‘label tape’ style to keep the hand made, personal aesthetic.

Special messages can be added to make your artwork personalised and unique.

Ordering is easy. Just select your special song, artist and colours. You will be sent a proof of your artwork for approval before printing so you can make any changes to text, message or colours.

Available now as an art print, gallery canvas and premium 5mm acrylic.

Personalised Valentine Heart Song Sound Wave Art can be ordered now from…

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Floral Sketch Song Sound Wave – Valentine/Anniversary Gift

Floral Sketch Sound Wave

New, beautiful, and perfect for Valentines … Floral Sketch Song Sound Wave Art.

Sound Waves from songs are usually a little to graphic and not ideal for some decor. Floral Sketch Song Sound Waves are different… Modern, stylish, elegant and just gorgeous.

Everyone has a favourite song… and almost every couple has an ‘our song’ or first dance song. These can be encapsulated perfectly forever as sound wave art.

The fine sketched flowers entwine the frame around the round sound wave. To add extra texture there is a subtle lace style pattern within the circle. Your artwork can be in any colour scheme. It could be tied to wedding colours, or just choose your favourites.

Floral Sketch song Sound Wave Art is the ideal personalised valentine or anniversary gift. You can even add a custom message to make it totally unique.

Floral Sketch Sound Wave Art is only available from Mono Wave Art. Each personalised art is available as an art print, canvas or as a premium acrylic.

Personalised Floral Sketch Song Art can be ordered at my art site

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Daily Doodles #7

Daily Doodles 7

Just some more crazy ‘Daily Doodles’. All drawn by hand on paper with fineliner. All drawn by Alex Patterson (A is for Rebel).

Doodle inspiration is from the word prompt given on the app, Sketch-a-Day. Hope you like 🙂

Daily doodles are viewable at Mono Wave Art, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter …. along with my other things.

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