Stone Roses Cassette Wave Form Art

More sound wave art today 🙂
Retro cassette with tape creating the sound wave of the song ‘I Wanna Be Adored by The Stone Roses.
Was a pleasantly challenging piece. Getting the sound waves to look like tape involved a fair bit of ‘out the box’ lateral thinking, but got there in the end.
Cassette drawn in Adobe Illustrator, ‘tape’ wave created in Adobe Photoshop.

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stone roses cassette print
Stone Roses I Wanna Be Adored
stone roses cassette print detail 1
Stone Roses Art Close Up
stone roses cassette print detail 2
Stone Roses Cassette
stone roses cassette print detail 3
Waveform detail

Leaving On A Jetplane – Sound Wave Art

Just playing around with sound waves today. Created this waveform art using John Denver’s classic, Leaving on a Jet Plane. The jet stream from the engine is the wave form from the song. Scroll down to play the song.
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jetplane insitu
Leaving On a Jetplane Waveform Art Framed
Leaving on a Jet Plane – Full Image
jetplane plane
Detail – Jet Plane
jetplane close
Detail – Text & waveform stream


Lindos, Rhodes – July 2014

Just returned from a recent trip to the town of Lindos, on the Greek island of Rhodes. I’d like to  share some of my photos.
Lindos is a beautiful scenic town with some breathtaking views. It’s not a big place but it is tightly packed with fantastic restaurants, bars, shops and a couple of nightclubs (if you stay up till around 2am).
Lindos is an extremely hilly place, not ideal for the old or unfit. You could, however, just hail a donkey to take you up the steepest inclines to the ancient Acropolis overlooking the town.
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All images taken on iPhone 5 – Cropped and tweaked in Adobe Photoshop

Sound Wave Art From Music

Every song has it’s own unique waveform.
My music art prints can be created from any song that means something to you. Ideal as a wedding gift (If you know what the first dance is going to be), great as an anniversary present (Every couple has an ‘our’ song) or even if you just want to add something original to your walls.

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Custom Name Graffiti Art

custom graffiti room
personalised name graffiti


Thought I’d share a personalised graffiti I recently created for a customer. It was a gift for one of her son’s birthday so needed to be done fairly quickly. Once the order was placed and colours decided (James’ favourite colour is blue and he has ginger hair!), I created artwork and proofed it back. After a couple of emails final artwork was agreed. It was then printed onto canvas and dispatched overnight.

“Parcel arrived yesterday and I now have a very proud. 13 year old boy and an envious 10 year old!
Many thanks for the service and the finished result”.
Think that quote counts as a satisfied customer 🙂
personalised graffiti
Custom graffiti canvas art
I can create personalised name graffiti from any name. If you’re interested, send me an email at or visit my art site.
Each ‘Graffiti Name Art’ is created and personalised individually. I have a number of styles to choose from but each artwork I create will be original and unique.

girls name art graffiti  boys name art graffiti

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Camper van and Surfer Art

camper van surf
Couple of recent surf artwork I created in Adobe Photoshop. – Simple clean lines and a sense of depth achieved by using regular geometric spacing. The two pieces are designed as a diptych to be hung side by side.
I love surfing but haven’t been to Tynemouth or Blyth for too long now. I plan to make 2014 a very good year for me and surfing …. Even if the north sea is a little chilly sometimes.
surfer artclose up surfer artclose up camper van artwhite frame campersurf art

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Doctor Who Art

The Doctor is getting on a bit. To celebrate, here is a few bits of art I created on a Doctor Who theme. Click an image above to view the images in full.

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Tardis - Doctor Who Framed Art Print  Cyberman - Doctor Who Throw Pillow  Impossible Astronaut - Doctor Who Throw Pillow  Dalek Red - Doctor Who Framed Art Print