Camper van and Surfer Art

camper van surf
Couple of recent surf artwork I created in Adobe Photoshop. – Simple clean lines and a sense of depth achieved by using regular geometric spacing. The two pieces are designed as a diptych to be hung side by side.
I love surfing but haven’t been to Tynemouth or Blyth for too long now. I plan to make 2014 a very good year for me and surfing …. Even if the north sea is a little chilly sometimes.
surfer artclose up surfer artclose up camper van artwhite frame campersurf art

As always, comments and opinions are more than welcome.

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Camp Castle, Bamburgh Castle

camp castle by Alex Patterson
camp castle by Alex Patterson

Someone kindly parked this camper van infront of Bamburgh castle. Should have got a better angle but i still love it. It was a gorgeous sunny day and its a lovely castle but if you do visit make sure you take cash. The castle doesn’t accept card payments and the only cash point in the whole place is in a pub about 20 minutes walk away. Bizzare.