Question Everything???

Question Everything
Question Everything

Simple minimalist art depicting my one rule in life that i will not break. Question Everything! Look carefully, it’s a Q and an E. By questioning everything you can avoid so many of lifes pitfalls and prevent yourself becoming just another consumerist sheep.

Below are a few of my views and how i question them (Not everyone will agree… and thats good).

If you believe everything that the news tells you, you will likely become a nervous wreck. Good news does not sell. Sensationalism sells! News reports generally have an ‘angle’ that has been simplified so the (dumb) masses understand. Before you react to what you see, try to consider some of the other angles. Even the most horendous things that happen in the world have more aspects than what a reporter will tell you. Look at all the facts and make your own, considered opinion.

Yes, it’s pretty… sometimes. But do you really need to change everything you own to keep up with trends or are you being affected by magazines, advertising and friends?

I don’t trust any politician, from any party. I don’t believe that they ever make any real difference. Promises are made to get into power and when in power they are almost never followed through. No long term workable plans will ever be put into practice as they are not immediately quantifiable. Goals in politics are all short term as a party may not be in power long enough to take credit for any long term successes. When a politician pushes an idea, just stop and consider why he is saying what he is saying. Is he trying to be popular, contrare to other parties, or are they just trying to improve their own personal profile?

A big hate in my life is advertising. It is just in your face, all the time trying to make you feel bad about yoursel unless you have the latest things or look a certain way. Adverts are not entertainment, they are offensive and intrusive and only there to make you spend your hard earned.  All special offers are still heavilly weighted in favour of the seller. Buying something because its on special offer is only a bargain if you were going to buy it anyway. If you bought it because it was on special, you fell for their tricks, hook line and sinker. Pause and consider, do i really need this outfit?/CD?/game?/DVD?/go large? or am i just buying it ‘because’?

COMIC SANSQuestion why any person or establishment would use such an ugly typeface. It has no place in civilized society.

I have looked into religion in some depth and have not seen one shred of evidence that there is any truth in an all seeing God or gods. To follow a religion you basically have whole heartedly accept an undeniable truth of which there is no proof. Looking at facts, religion has caused more wars, destroyed more history and held back the advancement of the human race by hundreds, if not thousands of years.
Just to avoid any confusion, religion has nothing to do with morals. Morals can be taught without trying to instill fear in a person. Preaching religion as far as i can see is preaching fear. That fear is intended to control and manipulate the weak minded.

All people are equal. No one is better than anyone else. Your validity and importance in life should not come down to rank, job title, colour, education or religion. People are basically the same, where ever they are from and whatever they do. Question what you have been taught, without prejudous, and that is the only real conclusion.

Okay, i may have gone a little deep there, and I fully understand that you, as the reader, will not agree with everything i have written. That is a good thing.

Question Everything…. and make your ‘OWN’ considered opinions.

Comments welcome.