The Stone Roses – Made Of Stone Sound Wave Art

The Stone Roses Made of Stone on wall
The Stone Roses Made of Stone Sound Wave Art

The Stone Roses are one of the greatest bands out of Manchester ever. As a teenager I just loved the whole Indie, Madchester sound. My cassette of The Stone Roses was probably the music most played album shoved into my ‘off brand’ (phony) walkman.

Pretty much all of the tracks from their self titled first album,  still stand the test of time. A modern masterpiece (If you can call 1989 modern). The combination of John Squire’s guitars, Mani’s bass, Reni’s drums and of course Ian Brown’s vocals were perfect.

The first time around, I was a little too young and naive to catch them when they played at Whitley Bay Ice Rink. I did however finally get to see them in one of their homecoming shows, at Heaton Park Manchester. 80,000 people in a field (in the rain), to see one of the greatest bands ever assembled was an experience I will never want to forget.

My Sound Wave Art based on Made of Stone, uses the iconic lemon as a main focus, with the waveform hugging the rind. Of course the original lemon is a little more grimey with it’s harsh black overlay. I wanted a more subtle cleaner, up to date look so kept the colour palette a little fresher.

Personalised Sound Wave art can be commissioned at my art site

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