Portal Still Alive Soundwaves

I’ve seen these before but never knew what they were called. Turns out they have a name other than ‘flaming, music tubes’; Ruben’s tube’s. The video above made me smile…. a lot. Not only is it a beautiful representation of how soundwaves work but the tune it’s showing is one of my favourite pieces of computer game music ever.

If you dont know what the song is from then you have missed out on one of the most amazing gaming experiences ever. It is of course the song from the closing credits of Portal.

When i played portal for the first time i had no preconceptions as to what it was, or what i was meant to do. After the first few levels i was thinking, ‘its a clever concept but it’s just another puzzle game’. As you play further into the game, it reveals itself to be much deeper than first perceived. I encourage everyone to play through this game to its conclusion. You’ll discover the truth about science, fall in love with a true companion (cube) and in the end you might just have your cake and eat it. No lie…. honest.

Anyway, without giving too much away, when the end credits run and the above song plays you’ll have just enjoyed one of the most deviously tricky, heartwarming and enjoyable games ever.

The sequel is pretty decent as well. Steven Merchant as the bot is genuinly hilarious.

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