St James park line art

As a fan of Newcastle United I wanted to make a piece of artwork simple, striking and (I think stylish)  😉 Drawn accurately to scale and at the correct compass orientation, this artwork shows St James’ Park from above (without the usual grey clouds). Simplified line art similar to architectural an architectural plan of the stadium.I would love to be a regular attendee to this amazing stadium but money and time seem to conspire against this.

st james park framed

st james park close up     st james park from above

Artwork was created as vector line art by myself using Adobe Illustrator so can be scalable to print in detail at any size.

Hope you like my St James Park Vector line art. I may create some more artworks of some of the more famous or interestingly designed stadiums from around the world. If I do I will make them available to purchase from my website

Now available to purchase – Not available anywhere else – CLICK HERE!

Please comment and let me know what you think. Happy for feedback and ideas.