Time for Reflection, 3 Photographs by Alex Patterson

Time for Reflection, 3 Photographs by Alex Patterson
Time for Reflection, 3 Photographs by Alex Patterson

Three photographs here taken by myself.

Centre: Time for reflection, taken at malaga airport. The mirror like surfaces in the airport allow for some amazing photographs. This was taken looking back at the queue of people yet to make it through security.

Left: Wheres Mummy, also taken at Malaga airport. I loved how Father and Daughter were gazing out onto the runways. The light streaming through the giant windows creates an amazing atmosphere. The Plane through the window is actually one of the scale model planes that hang from the airport ceilings.

Right: Too Dear. Taken at Knowlesly Safari Park near Liverpool. These two animals posed nicely for this photo. I just love how they seem to mimic each other by grazing in unison. Great safari park but if you do go through the monkey enclosure just make sure its not going to rain later. Driving along motorway in the rain with little to no visibility is terrifying. (The nearest 2 services were sold out of wipers too.)