RDR Jose Gonzales – Far Away

Jose Gonzalez - Far Away Sound Wave Art
Jose Gonzalez - Far Away Sound Wave Art
Veneer wave Jose Gonzalez – Far Away Sound Wave Art

Red Dead redemption 2 by Rockstar Games is out soon – I am certainly not alone in being crazy excited to pull on my cowboy boots and get back into my stetson hat.

The sound design and soundtrack to Red Dead Redemption were pitch perfect. The drums, trumpets, whistles, grunts, lingering guitars and rattles…. pefectly emulate the ‘spaghetti western’ sound that Ennio Morricone composed in clasics of the 1960’s

One of my all time musical moments in gaming is in Red Dead Redemption, when the main protagonist, John Marston, makes his way into Mexico.

As you set off on your horse, the stunning track by José González, fades in. The song is Far Away. Trecking south, with a bright orange sunset and this song playing just blew me away. It was unexpected and in 35 years of gaming, I don’t think I have ever been caught so much ‘in the moment’.

Jose Gonzales is a fantastic musician… A Swedish/Argentinian folk singer. His songs are usually just him and his guitar, but his sound is like no other. I would definitely reccomend checking him out, if you haven’t already.

The cover art from Jose Gonzales first studio album, Veneer, is my inspiration for this Sound Wave Art. I have searched to no avail, to find the artist who creates his covers, so I have to assume that he sketches them himself.
If someone out there knows for sure, let me know.


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Synthwave Art

Synthwave College Real Hero

Recently re-watched the movie ‘Drive’  I love this movie on so many levels.

The sound track is also one of the best ever in my opinion. One of my favourite scenes is the drive down the aquaduct with Carey Mulligan falling in love with Ryan Gosling. It’s a sweet scene and the music fits perfectly.
The song playing is College & Electric Youth – real Human Being.
The majority of the soundtrack (Mostly by Cliff Martinez) is heavy electric synths and atmospheric beats. His music is always evocative, and perfectly fitted to each scene.

This has however, led me to delve head first into more synthwave music.

The retro-futuristic sound of synthwave has really hit home with me. It takes me back to the 80’s… a time when the future was exciting… something to look forward to… a place with fast cars, neon lights and mirrored shades.

Okay, so the 80’s had a weird view of the future, but through movies, cartoons, music and games it instilled wonder and excitement in me as a child.

Sadly, the real future hasn’t quite lived up to the promise.

In my retro-future inspired state, I have created Synthwave inspired Soundwave art of ‘Real Human Being’. Hope you all like it.


Personalised Sound Wave art can be commissioned at my art site monowaveart.co.uk
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