R2D2 minamilist art

R2D2 minamilist art

R2D2 minamilist art by Alex Patterson

R2D2 is possibly one of, if not ‘the’ cutest Star Wars character to date (That includes ewoks). I created my R2D2 art restrained to a square so i could concentrate on giving the impression of R2 without using an obvious outline shape. I am considering ordering this as a personalised vinyl sticker set to go onto my fridge. If I get round to this I will post images.

I have created many more Star Wars, Doctor Who, Star Trek etc… artworks with the same, ‘limited by square’ aesthetic. I will be posting these at a later date.

If there is positive feedback on these pieces I will likely consider releasing them as prints or as part of a furnishing product I’m working on. At the moment I sell personalised Soundwave art at my web store, http://www.monowaveart.co.uk

Please reblog this image if you like it. It will encourage me to create more. If you have any requests for geeky art, just send me a message and i’ll see what i can do.

EDIT-Prints, cusions and phone cases now available on my Society6 page – CLICK HERE

Space Invader (Invaded)

space invader
space invader

One of my earliest and greatest memories is playing space invaders. I used to sit for hours on a little foot stool in front of an old black and white tv. The choices of games were space invaders or pong on the Atari consone. Big chunky cardridges would slot in and my imagination would run wild.

If sat too long on the little stool you would get what we used to call ‘invaders cramp’.

My love of gaming was starter by this little space invading character. If not for him, maybe i might have got out more, seen more things, had more real life experiences. As it is I find solice in the fantasty worlds that games provide for me.

Games have come a long way since the giant pixels of invaders and pong, it wont be long until game and real world look identical. I look forward to that day. Once graphical perfection in games is achieved then game companies will have to become a little bit more creative in their game design and stories.