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Iggy Pop Sound Wave Art

Iggy Pop - The Passenger skull ring.jpg
A few years ago, I was encouraged to try my hand at a bit of surfing. The idea of getting into the icy waters of the North Sea, made my more than hesitant. Tynemouth was the venue.

After struggling to get into a misfitting borrowed wet-suit, I tentatively entered the water with a battered, old board.

It was a beautiful summer evening but the water was far from warm. After my paddle out, I rapidly warmed up. Surprisingly, wet-suits keep you really warm – Phew!
I spent the next couple of hours surfing in on waves after they had broken… It was awesome…. The surf seed had been sown.

Not long after, I purchased a wet-suit and began scouring the web for my own surf board. I lucked out, and found someone selling an 8ft 6 mini mal, not far from me. I got in touch, negotiated a deal, and was soon the owner of a beautiful red and black custom made board.

As I drove my pride and joy home, I turned on the radio, only to be treated to Iggy Pop singing Passenger. My board was immediately named Iggy as a result… Perfect.
My Iggy Pop Sound Wave Art was inspired by this awesome track, and by his amazing album ‘Skull Ring’. Although Passenger is not on that album, it is still infinitely awesome.

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