Internet is broken

Is it just me or is the internet falling apart under advertising weight. Recently i have aborted looking at many pages due to the length of time the page has taken to link and load all the adverts.

Unfortunately, advertisers will still have analytic figures showing that someone clicked through to a page with their advert. They will feel like its worthy of further endeavours and perpetuate the whole shambolic system.

Youtube is one of the worst offenders. Once the pinup poster boy of free thinking and fresh fun video; it is now bloated with ads. No longer can you search an obscure video and revel in its hilarity or bask in nostalgia. Now you have to watch an advert for 3 seconds until youy can skip it or just skulk off despondant and look for something else.

Worse still is the pop up text adverts that are timed to appear when the main point of watching is about to happen, everytime ruining the video. Try watching the famous sneezing panda as the baby panda is obscured just as it sneezes by a text advert that will never ever be read. Since these messages have been around i don’t think i have read a single one.

sneezing panda wtf
sneezing panda obscured by adverts

I do understand that advertising pays for the majority of internet content but please, don’t be so obtrusive and in your face about it. Try and be sensitive to the actual content that people are trying to view. By jumping in front of peoples faces with a ‘LOOK AT ME’ attitude, people are instantly going to ignore your message. If its relevant and interesting and does not annoy people, it will attract people. By trying to obscure what people want to see, you will just annoy them.

Rant over. Take care and please, never click on a sponsored link, it only encourages more advertising. Thanks 🙂

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