The Amazing Sounds Of Outer Space

Telescopes allow us to see what outer space looks like in different types of light, by transforming digital information captured in space by telescopes such as Hubble and X-ray observatories such as Chandra.

NASA, the US space agency, recently developed a way to allow people to listen to outer space. They have done this by converting the light from the Milky Way, as observed in X-rays, light rays and infrared rays, into audio.

The new project uses a process called “sonication” to transform astronomical images into something we can listen to.

The Sound of space

Sonification translates data into sound. Each sound represents the positions and brightness of distant stars and galaxies in the outer reaches of space.

The brighter the object, the higher it’s pitch will be. The intensity of the light controls the volume of the audio.

Sound plays an important role in our understanding of our world and space. For further information, and more space sonification clips, visit NASA


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