Las Vegas XL – Part 1

NY? Vegas?

In July 2016 I had a bit of a whirlwind jaunt over to the U S of A.
Our trip started with a couple of day’s in Portland, Oregon… then to Las Vegas… another flight to San Francisco. From San Fran we took route 101 up the west coast back to Oregon.
During the trip I took wayyyy too many photos.

I have tried to split the photos into sets of 40 (XL in roman numerals) as I did have the joy of turning 40 while in Vegas.  This set of photos were taken on day one of two in Vegas.
Las Vegas XL – Part 2, San Francisco XL, Portland XL and Route 101 XL sets will follow at some point. Enjoy 🙂

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The Beach Boys – God Only Knows Sound Wave Art

Pet Sounds was the eleventh studio album by The Beach Boys. The album is crammed full of classics, even so, one track stands out head and shoulders above the rest… God Only Knows.
For it’s time in 1966, the production of this track is amazing. Some songs age over time, God Only Know’s just keeps getting better.

Please enjoy my Sound Wave Art inspired by the song. Although not a style available on my shop site yet, please get in touch if you’d like a personalised song created in this original style.

The Beach Boys – God Only Knows Sound Wave Art framed

Personalised Sound Wave art can be commissioned at my art site

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The Beach Boys – God Only Knows Title
The Beach Boys – God Only Knows Detail


David Bowie Blackstar Sound Wave Art

David Bowie was arguably one of the most influential artists of the last fifty years. As a musician, he never settled on a style and was always willing to experiment. He faced so much criticism for his range of styles, but mostly what he did was way ahead of his time.

When he passed away in 2016 it was one of of the greatest losses of musical talent I have seen in my life time. In an age of instant fame and reality TV stars, we will never likely see his kind again.

My Blackstar art is a tribute to Bowie and his titular track from his final amazing album.

David Bowie – Blackstar Sound Wave Art
Bowie Blackstar - Bottom
Bowie Blackstar – Bottom
Bowie Dark Star Close Up
Bowie Blackstar Close Up
Bowie Blackstar Sound Wave Art
Bowie Dark Star Art Close Up
Bowie Blackstar Close Up






Personalised Sound Wave art can be commissioned at my art site

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Radial Sound Wave Art – Stairway To Heaven

Some Friday Waveform fun to kick off the weekend. Radial Sound Wave art created from Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven.
Every Sound Wave is Unique, Every song has it’s own individual signature waveform.

Radial wave was created initially in Adobe Photoshop and as I required clean, crisp lines it was finalised in Illustrator.

This style is not available on my shop website ‘yet’ but if you’d like me to create an art print of a particular song just get in touch. It could be the perfect personalised gift for someone special.

Custom Sound Wave art can be commissioned at my art site
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radial sound wave framed
Led Zeppelin Radial Wave Art Print
radial sound wave full
Full Led Zeppelin Print
raw led zepelin stairway to heaven
Raw Sound Wave – Each Row = 2 minutes
radial sound wave close 2
Radial Wave Detail


radial sound wave close
Title Close Up Detail

Stone Roses Cassette Wave Form Art

More sound wave art today 🙂
Retro cassette with tape creating the sound wave of the song ‘I Wanna Be Adored by The Stone Roses.
Was a pleasantly challenging piece. Getting the sound waves to look like tape involved a fair bit of ‘out the box’ lateral thinking, but got there in the end.
Cassette drawn in Adobe Illustrator, ‘tape’ wave created in Adobe Photoshop.

Personalised Sound Wave art available at my art site
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stone roses cassette print
Stone Roses I Wanna Be Adored
stone roses cassette print detail 1
Stone Roses Art Close Up
stone roses cassette print detail 2
Stone Roses Cassette
stone roses cassette print detail 3
Waveform detail

Leaving On A Jetplane – Sound Wave Art

Just playing around with sound waves today. Created this waveform art using John Denver’s classic, Leaving on a Jet Plane. The jet stream from the engine is the wave form from the song. Scroll down to play the song.
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jetplane insitu
Leaving On a Jetplane Waveform Art Framed
Leaving on a Jet Plane – Full Image
jetplane plane
Detail – Jet Plane
jetplane close
Detail – Text & waveform stream


Lindos, Rhodes – July 2014

Just returned from a recent trip to the town of Lindos, on the Greek island of Rhodes. I’d like to  share some of my photos.
Lindos is a beautiful scenic town with some breathtaking views. It’s not a big place but it is tightly packed with fantastic restaurants, bars, shops and a couple of nightclubs (if you stay up till around 2am).
Lindos is an extremely hilly place, not ideal for the old or unfit. You could, however, just hail a donkey to take you up the steepest inclines to the ancient Acropolis overlooking the town.
Enjoy my photos and leave a comment. I’d really love to know your thoughts.

All images taken on iPhone 5 – Cropped and tweaked in Adobe Photoshop