Leaving On A Jetplane – Sound Wave Art

Just playing around with sound waves today. Created this waveform art using John Denver’s classic, Leaving on a Jet Plane. The jet stream from the engine is the wave form from the song. Scroll down to play the song.
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jetplane insitu
Leaving On a Jetplane Waveform Art Framed
Leaving on a Jet Plane – Full Image
jetplane plane
Detail – Jet Plane
jetplane close
Detail – Text & waveform stream


Goodbye Summer Love

goodbye summer love
Goodbye Summer Love

An image created in Adobe Illustrator. My attempt with this illustration was to try and portray dewey eyed sadness. The idea was that a summer romance was cut short and she knows she’ll never be with the man she loved so briefly.

The muted pale blues allow the stronger reds to dominate the scene linking the lips to the distant plane.

Where’s Mummy?

Where's Mummy?
Where’s Mummy?

Where’s Mummy? was taken at Malaga airport. I loved how Father and Daughter were gazing out onto the runways. The light streaming through the giant windows creates an amazing atmosphere. The Plane through the window is actually one of the scale model planes that hang from the airport ceilings.

The contrast of light and dark reminded me a bit of a starship window looking out into space. The fact that the Father and daughter also look a bit like C3PO and R2D2 may be something to do with this too.

the droids i was looking for

Drop Zone

Drop Zone

This photograph may not be interesting to most but it is a symbol of a great day in my life. The Saturday before my 30th birthday I returned from work where my girlfriend at the time insisted she gave me my present early. Reluctantly i opened it to find that the following morning i would be jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet. I’d always wanted to do a parachute jump but figured I would have more time to think about it and get myself mentally prepared. A restless nights sleep was followed by a short drive to the airstrip on a beautiful mid summers day.

Jumping from a plane is a surreal experience. The freefall is as if there is a cinema screen in front of you showing the ground below with a wind machine blowing into your face. Its only when the cord is pulled and the harness tightens around the groin area that you are snapped, with a squeel, back into reality. From there its a tranquil glide back to terra firma. I’d reccomend a tandem jump to anyone. Great experience.