Drop Zone

Drop Zone

This photograph may not be interesting to most but it is a symbol of a great day in my life. The Saturday before my 30th birthday I returned from work where my girlfriend at the time insisted she gave me my present early. Reluctantly i opened it to find that the following morning i would be jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet. I’d always wanted to do a parachute jump but figured I would have more time to think about it and get myself mentally prepared. A restless nights sleep was followed by a short drive to the airstrip on a beautiful mid summers day.

Jumping from a plane is a surreal experience. The freefall is as if there is a cinema screen in front of you showing the ground below with a wind machine blowing into your face. Its only when the cord is pulled and the harness tightens around the groin area that you are snapped, with a squeel, back into reality. From there its a tranquil glide back to terra firma. I’d reccomend a tandem jump to anyone. Great experience.

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