Bluewater, TYI

TYI bluewater 3D
TYI bluewater 3D

Using 3D Studio Max I have had the pleasure of being involved in every aspect of opening up new retail outlets. Each store designed for TYI opened up new and interesting chalenges.

The unit we aquired for this store was not previously a retail unit. Also, being on a corner meant we had to go back to the drawing board as far as the store design was concerned. In the end we succesfully managed to incorporate a pilar area with integrated storage attached to a large semi-island work area.

It was however one of my most stressful store openings. At 2am the night before we opened the store was caked with plaster, the signage hadn’t been erected and none of the computers had been set up. Tiredness along with the awful dance music the shop fitters insisted on almost tipped me over the edge.I’m not actually sure what happened that night but somehow we managed to get it (mostly) sorted.

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