TYI, Bristol

TYI, bristol
TYI, bristol

Using 3D Studio Max I have had the pleasure of being involved in every aspect of opening up new retail outlets. Each store designed for TYI opened up new and interesting chalenges.

Cabot Circus in Bristol was a new half indoor/half outdoor shopping concept. A very unusual concept considering that it is rarely warm in England.

Main challenge was trying to fit everything into another small unit. Along with the fact that the store was on a ridiculously steep gradient didn’t help matters. As it was a new centre pre fit visits were pretty much on a building site. The night before opening up was yet another late and stressful experience. It probably wouldnt have been too bad but as the service lifts from the service yard weren’t operational all stock had to be carried by hand up many flights of stairs.

On a side note, I find Bristol one of the most confusing cities I have visited. No matter which direction I wandered in Bristol I inevitably got myself lost.

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