Doctor Who Minimalist Art – 6 pics

dr who tardis
dr who tardis

Today I present to all my geeky friends my minimalist art Doctor Who series. Prints, cushions etc are available at my Society6 shop – click!!

All Dr Who pieces are designed as squares. Part of a soft furnishing project that will launch on my soundwave art website, Mono Wave Art, hopefully in the near future.

Above – The beautiful, blue and illogical Tardis. Larger on the inside, than it is on the outside. (Complete opposite to my freezer. hmmm.)

Tardis - Doctor Who Framed Art Print Tardis - Doctor Who Throw Pillow Tardis - Doctor Who iPhone Case


dr who cyberman
dr who cyberman

Possibly one of my favourite characters are the Cybermen. Not Easy the fit nicely onto a square. Some jiggery pokery took place to make it look right.

Cyberman - Doctor Who Throw Pillow Cyberman - Doctor Who Framed Art Print


dr who dalek red
dr who dalek red

The classic Dalek. Terrifying to all children, even grown up ones like me. Fortunately, I live in an upstairs flat so Daleks cant get to me-Phew!.

Dalek Red - Doctor Who Throw Pillow Dalek Red - Doctor Who Framed Art Print Dalek Red - Doctor Who iPhone Case


dr who impossible spaceman
dr who impossible spaceman

The impossible spaceman is a recent character. Something about a skeleton in a spacesuit is slightly disconcerting.

Impossible Astronaut - Doctor Who Throw Pillow Impossible Astronaut - Doctor Who Framed Art Print Impossible Astronaut - Doctor Who iPhone & iPod Skin


dr who Adipose
dr who Adipose

Adipose – Unbearably cute but again terrifying ‘fat cell’ monsters. Who the hell at the BBC comes up with these things.


dr who dalek green
dr who dalek green

Pimp my Dalek. Also available in a sexy shade of green. Other colours available on request 🙂

Like my Doctor Who art? …. Why not buy a print from Society6 or send me a message. I’m more than happy to create or adjust artworks on request.

All my Dr Who Art was created in Adobe Illustrator and intentionally restricted to squares as part of an ongoing project.

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