Boxed CMYK

Boxed CMYK
Boxed CMYK


Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. These simple four colours combined in printing can create a huge colour gamut. Not sure if its because i’ve worked in print for so long but there is something about the base colour combination that still brings a smile to my face.

The boxes are simple and clean with CMYK colours spilling from them. Combining a few of my art staples, this shows my design geek love of pantones, CMYK colour pallettes, simple layout and clean geometry.

Spiderman Pantone Swatch art

spiderrman pantone

Spiderman painstakingly created from 1,156 Adobe Illustrator Pantone swatches. A fairly embarrasing ommision from my previous Pantone comic post. (link)  (Oops!)Please leave a comment with any other pantone arts you’d like me to create… or repost/pass this on.

Each pantone swatch is the average colour of that particular region of the image. The overall image is only comprehensible from a distance, up close, it is just a series of block colour swatches.

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Comic Pantone Swatch Art


iron man panone swatch art
iron man panone swatch art


Please re-post, like or follow if you appreciate my comic pantone swatch artworks.

These pieces were created as collages of Adobe Illustrator Pantone swatches (as found in the swatch pallette). Each of the 1,369 swatches is an average colour tone of that particular square section of the image.

Zoomed in the art print is just a series of block swatch colours. Only when you step back or squint do you actually see what the image is.

batman pantone swatch art
batman pantone swatch art



green lantern pantone swatch art
green lantern pantone swatch art


joker pantone swatch art
joker pantone swatch art
superman pantone swatch art
superman pantone swatch art 

Please get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions on any art I should do. Always happy for new ideas.

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Starwars Pantatooine – Pantone Swatch Art

vader pantone swatch art
vader pantone swatch art

Back in the good old days at college and university, all my art and design was created without the use of a computer. Anything requiring colour was rendered with high quality art markers. My marker of choice was the Pantone Tria range. Lots of colours and 3 thicknesses of nib in one pen (Although the fine-liner one always dried out way too quick!) My Pantone love is kept stong using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator on a daily basis.

‘Pantatooine’ Starwars art is created using a 40 x40 grid of 1600 (one thousand six hundred – Phew!!) swatches each. The swatch choice for each square is an average colour of that section of the photograph or scene. Close up each square is simply a Pantone (Pantatooine) swatch, From a distance, the whole image is revealed in detail.

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yoda pantone swatch art

yoda close

stormtrooper pantone swatch art

storm close

r2d2 pantone swatch art

r2d2 close

luke skywalker pantone swatch art

luke close

Princess Leia pantone swatch art

Leia close

jabba pantone swatch art

jabba close

imperial guard pantone swatch art

imperial guard close

han solo pantone swatch art

han close

emporer pantone swatch art

emporer close

chewbacca pantone swatch art

chewy close

c3p0 pantone swatch art

c3p0 close

boba fett pantone swatch art

boba close

boba fett pantone art


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. All comments, questions, commisions are welcome.

Art by Alex Patterson AKA frigopie76 – (email –

Prints can be purchased at my society6 store.

My Pet project, Soundwave art available at –  Mono Wave Art

Han Solo Minimalist Art

Han Solo Minimalist Art

Han Solo Minimalist Art by Alex Patterson

Couldn’t possibly post my Chewbacca image without posting Han Solo to go with him. Pilot of the Millenium Falcon, reckless, sarcastic and just all round ruggedly cool bloke. Clearly the manliest man in the original Star Wars universe. A universe where there seems to only be a handful of females…. and most of those are slaves/strippers in Jabba’s lair. Despite the lack of ‘the fairer sex’ … and being fairly misogynistic, he still manages to bag himself a princess. Well done Han…Well done! – Have this medal but don’t let your big pet man dog have it!

Art prints coming soon at my sound wave art website –

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Chewbacca Minimalist Art

Chewbacca Minimalist Art

Chewbacca Minimalist Art by Alex Patterson

Chewbacca Art created in Adobe Illustrator. This piece was not quite as straight forward as it looks. I wanted to capture the look and feel of Chewbacca with as little detail as possible. It would have been really easy to add too much fur and really over-work it. I feel I made the right comprimises in the end.

Although a big fan of (Original trilogy) Star Wars. I have, got  one or two questions.

Chewbacca the wookie (he never made the pwofessional grade – sorry!) was Hans engineer and co pilot is surely everyones favourite giant, dog, man creature thing. Question is… How does everyone seems to be able to understand what he says?  Han can fully converse with him despite the grunts and growls. It’s like watching Family Guy but having Brian actually just be a dog.

My other issue regarding Star Wars and Chewbacca is… Why did he not get a medal at the end of the original movie. Everyone else in the main cast gets commended except him. Just seems a bit off to me…. poor doggy!

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EDIT-Prints, cusions and phone cases now available on my Society6 page – CLICK HERE

C3P0 Minimalist art

C3P0 Minimalist art

C3P0 Minimalist art

To go with the R2D2 post yesterday…. here’s R2’s bipedal buddy C3p0. Regarding c3p0, did anyone find it odd that Anakin was supposed to have made him?? If that was the case, who made the silver c3p0 that they bumped into in Empire Strikes back?

Okay, the C3P0 inconsistency is not my main gripe with the prequel starwars atrocities, but worth mentioning.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting more random art so stay tuned.

If you like this, let me know. Check out my web shop, mono wave art where i currently sell personalised sound wave art. I will be extending my product range soon and may include some starwars art prints (As well as a bunch of other stuff too).

EDIT-Prints, cusions and phone cases now available on my Society6 page – CLICK HERE

R2D2 minamilist art

R2D2 minamilist art

R2D2 minamilist art by Alex Patterson

R2D2 is possibly one of, if not ‘the’ cutest Star Wars character to date (That includes ewoks). I created my R2D2 art restrained to a square so i could concentrate on giving the impression of R2 without using an obvious outline shape. I am considering ordering this as a personalised vinyl sticker set to go onto my fridge. If I get round to this I will post images.

I have created many more Star Wars, Doctor Who, Star Trek etc… artworks with the same, ‘limited by square’ aesthetic. I will be posting these at a later date.

If there is positive feedback on these pieces I will likely consider releasing them as prints or as part of a furnishing product I’m working on. At the moment I sell personalised Soundwave art at my web store,

Please reblog this image if you like it. It will encourage me to create more. If you have any requests for geeky art, just send me a message and i’ll see what i can do.

EDIT-Prints, cusions and phone cases now available on my Society6 page – CLICK HERE