Han Solo Minimalist Art

Han Solo Minimalist Art

Han Solo Minimalist Art by Alex Patterson

Couldn’t possibly post my Chewbacca image without posting Han Solo to go with him. Pilot of the Millenium Falcon, reckless, sarcastic and just all round ruggedly cool bloke. Clearly the manliest man in the original Star Wars universe. A universe where there seems to only be a handful of females…. and most of those are slaves/strippers in Jabba’s lair. Despite the lack of ‘the fairer sex’ … and being fairly misogynistic, he still manages to bag himself a princess. Well done Han…Well done! – Have this medal but don’t let your big pet man dog have it!

Art prints coming soon at my sound wave art website – monowaveart.co.uk

EDIT-Prints, cusions and phone cases now available on my Society6 page – CLICK HERE

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