Chewbacca Minimalist Art

Chewbacca Minimalist Art

Chewbacca Minimalist Art by Alex Patterson

Chewbacca Art created in Adobe Illustrator. This piece was not quite as straight forward as it looks. I wanted to capture the look and feel of Chewbacca with as little detail as possible. It would have been really easy to add too much fur and really over-work it. I feel I made the right comprimises in the end.

Although a big fan of (Original trilogy) Star Wars. I have, got  one or two questions.

Chewbacca the wookie (he never made the pwofessional grade – sorry!) was Hans engineer and co pilot is surely everyones favourite giant, dog, man creature thing. Question is… How does everyone seems to be able to understand what he says?  Han can fully converse with him despite the grunts and growls. It’s like watching Family Guy but having Brian actually just be a dog.

My other issue regarding Star Wars and Chewbacca is… Why did he not get a medal at the end of the original movie. Everyone else in the main cast gets commended except him. Just seems a bit off to me…. poor doggy!

Prints of all sorts of art available soon at my sound wave art site, mono wave art.

EDIT-Prints, cusions and phone cases now available on my Society6 page – CLICK HERE

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