Amsterdam Trip


Had a little weekend trip to Amsterdam. Great place, lots of canals and bikes. The images in this post are inspired in one way or another from two days of wandering the canals, drinking beer and absorbing an amazing city. Above image, simplified Dutch tulip.

Amsterdam Bike

Can’t escape bikes in Amsterdam. They are absolutely everywhere. I made it a bit of a challenge to be somewhere in the city and not have a bike in view….. Failed!

Dutch Windmills

The 3 X’s are liberally dotted around the city. I originally thought they were a reference to the red light district. With a little more consideration I realised that they were reflective of Dutch windmills. Obvious really. (edit: aparently not all that obvious. Have been reliably informed that the 3 crosses represent the 3 dangers of amsterdam; floods, fire and black death. – Thanks Lena.)

Amsterdam Red Light District

The above image is inspired by the red light district. (Not very subtle) Amsterdam prostitutes are stunning. Definitely worth window shopping.

Dutch Courage

Way too much ‘Dutch Courage’ was consumed in the two days I was in the City. My liver is not my friend this week.

Amsterdam Streets

One thing I found with Amsterdam is how difficult it is to navigate. A series of roads loop around the centre. If you follow a road you end up pretty much where you started. Very confusing indeed. It doesn’t help that everywhere looks similar – Narrow buildings, canal, bikes.


The above image is my interpretation of the Amsterdam. The image is an amalgamation of the movement of a bike wheel incorprating the four sails of a Dutch windmill.


Above image –  Paper Weight. 🙂 …… It’s a long story.

Amsterdam Canabis

Above – Coffee Shop.

Although we didn’t sample the local canabis, it’s influence is everywhere.

Amsterdam Red Light District

Image above is again a reference to the red light district and one of the funniest things i’ve ever seen. It is however, a tale for another day.

All in all a great trip in a beautiful, cosmopolitan city. The perception is that drugs and prostitutes are all this city is about. Nothing could be further from the truth, It has so much more to offer. From quirky art shops, galleries, canals, and bikes: there just wasn’t enough time to take it all in this time, but i’m certain i’ll visit again soon.

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