Starwars Pantatooine – Pantone Swatch Art

vader pantone swatch art
vader pantone swatch art

Back in the good old days at college and university, all my art and design was created without the use of a computer. Anything requiring colour was rendered with high quality art markers. My marker of choice was the Pantone Tria range. Lots of colours and 3 thicknesses of nib in one pen (Although the fine-liner one always dried out way too quick!) My Pantone love is kept stong using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator on a daily basis.

‘Pantatooine’ Starwars art is created using a 40 x40 grid of 1600 (one thousand six hundred – Phew!!) swatches each. The swatch choice for each square is an average colour of that section of the photograph or scene. Close up each square is simply a Pantone (Pantatooine) swatch, From a distance, the whole image is revealed in detail.

Please visit my society6 store where you can purchase prints, canvases and throw cushions of these works and others.

yoda pantone swatch art

yoda close

stormtrooper pantone swatch art

storm close

r2d2 pantone swatch art

r2d2 close

luke skywalker pantone swatch art

luke close

Princess Leia pantone swatch art

Leia close

jabba pantone swatch art

jabba close

imperial guard pantone swatch art

imperial guard close

han solo pantone swatch art

han close

emporer pantone swatch art

emporer close

chewbacca pantone swatch art

chewy close

c3p0 pantone swatch art

c3p0 close

boba fett pantone swatch art

boba close

boba fett pantone art


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. All comments, questions, commisions are welcome.

Art by Alex Patterson AKA frigopie76 – (email –

Prints can be purchased at my society6 store.

My Pet project, Soundwave art available at –  Mono Wave Art

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